Literal Interpretation of Language

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People with ASD have language difficulties that cause them to interpret what others say in a very literal way. Confusion can arise when indirect and polite forms of speech are used. The confusion can be caused by difficulty interpreting the speakers motivations and intentions. They often have trouble understanding what others think and feel. Humor, sarcasm, and figures of speech often cause problems. People who take figure of speech literally may be teased or ridiculed if they interpret things literally. Ways to help make language interpretation easier for people with ASD are: Monitor your language, try not to use phrases that can be interpreted multiple ways. Even if the meaning is obvious a person with ASD may miss the intended meaning. Be specific and tell the person exactly what you want them to do. Always be direct but not overly firm if you do not intend to be. Practice common idioms with your child go over common phrases and give them the literal interpretation. Practice using the idioms in casual conversation once your child has an adequate understanding of there figurative meaning.

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